Our ambassadors educate, lecture and form opinions in media on human rights issues.

To book one of our ambassadors, send an e-mail to
info@manniskovarde.se or call 018-12 93 00.

Anna Jakobsson

ANNA is a specialist nurse in healthcare for children/adolescents with a master’s degree in international health. Her special field is children and global health. She works both nationally and internationally with these issues.

Emelie Rynningsjö

EMELIE is an occupational therapist. She is engaged in issues related to ethics and human dignity. Even questions about animal rights is a passion of hers.

Cecilia K. Björfjell

CECILIA works as a coordinator for Människovärde. She is an behaviorist with a degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in diploma in pedagogy and has previously worked on the European Union Council in Brussels.

Sarah Havneraas

SARAH studies Political Science at Stockholm University and is chairman of KDU in Uppland.