Människovärde is an association that wants to promote increased respect for human dignity, especially in the beginning and end of life, and wants to be a venue for constructive ethical dialogue on human dignity. We work with issues such as abortion, freedom of conscience, euthanasia and obstetric diagnosis.

Our work rests on the Christian value base that all human life is worth the same, from conception to natural death, and the human dignity principle – the idea of ​​the human’s unique and inviolable value regardless of personal characteristics and functions in society.

Our motto: For each person’s unique and inviolable value.

Our three missions: Advocacy, Counseling and Education.


We want to promote increased respect for human dignity by participating in the public debate.


We want to support and help women and men who are or have been involved in an abortion situation and women who are considering abortion. The counseling is done through our hotline LIVLINAN VID ABORT. 


We want to supply information about the unique and inviolable value of every human through lectures, seminars and conferences.

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