General provisions

§ 1. The formation of the association
Människovärde was formed in May 2017. The statutes were adopted at the annual meeting on June 1, 2017. The seat of the association is Uppsala County.

§ 2. Purpose
The purpose with Människovärde is to promote increased respect for human dignity, especially in the beginning and end of life.  Människovärde wants to be a venue for constructive ethical dialogue on human dignity. Människovärde will fulfill its purpose by conducting three basic tasks: advocacy, consulting and education.

§ 3. Value base
The work rests on the Christian value base that all human life has the same worth from conception to natural death and on the human dignity principle, the idea of ​​human unique and inviolable value regardless of personal characteristics and functions in society.

§ 4. Composition
The association consists of the physical persons who have been admitted to the association as support members and monthly supporters.

§ 5. Decision-making bodies
The governing body of the association is the Board.

§ 6. Nomination Committee
At the annual meeting a nomination committee consisting of at least two members is appointed with the task of preparing elections that are to be appointed at the annual meeting.

§ 7. Signing for the firm
The association is signed by the Chairman of the Board and the person appointed by the Board.

§ 8. Business and fiscal year
The business and fiscal years of the association are the calendar year.

§ 9. Audit
For examination of the Board’s management and the association’s accounts, the board shall appoint an auditor in accordance with the provisions of law and in accordance with the Board’s discretion. The accounts of the association are terminated for the calendar year and handed to the auditor well in advance of the annual meeting.

§ 10. Amendment of statutes
To amend these statutes, a decision is required at the annual meeting with a two-thirds majority.

§ 11. Dissolution of the association
Dissolution of the association shall take place in the event that significant changed circumstances have occurred, meaning that the Association’s purpose, as per § 1, can no longer be met. For resolutions resolving the association, a two-thirds majority is required at a annual meeting. If the Association is dissolved, the funds remaining after all obligations have been fulfilled shall be used in accordance with the Board’s decision and in accordance with the purpose stated in these Statutes.


Support membership/monthly supporters

§ 12. Support membership/monthly supporters
The association is open to all physical persons who wish to work for the purpose of the association and commit to complying with the statutes of the association. One becomes a support member or monthly supporter by filling out a form on the association’s website or by contacting the association’s office.

§ 13. Exclusion of a Support member/monthly supporter
A support member or monthly supporter who violates the statutes of the association or who by its conduct harms the association’s reputation may be ruled out by the board.


Board of Directors

§ 14. Composition
The Board consists of a chairman and at least four members, without deputies.

§ 15. The duties of the Board
The Board is ultimately responsible for compliance with the statutes of the association and for its organization and administration. The board and the chairman sit for a two-year period, thereafter a re-election is held.

§ 16. Quorum
The Board has reached quorum if at least two members and the chairman are present. In the case of an equal number of votes, the opinion of the chairman shall constitute the Board’s decision.



§ 17. Meetings
Notice of attendance shall be issued no later than one week before the meeting. At least three minutes of meetings, including annual meetings, shall be held each year. At meetings, minutes shall be recorded. Minutes shall be adjusted by the chairman of the meeting and appointed adjuster of the meeting.

§ 18. Annual meeting
Annual meeting is held annually on the time and place the association’s board decides. Notice of the annual meeting shall be submitted to members of the Board no later than one week before the annual meeting.

At the annual meeting the following matters shall be present:

Election of functionaries at the annual meeting.
Approval of Notice.
Approval of the agenda.
Board of Directors’ report.
Auditors’ story.
Ask for discharge from the Board.
Election of Members.
Election of Chairman.
Election of auditor.
Election of election committee for next annual meeting.

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