We want you to feel safe with how your personal data is processed and that your personal privacy is respected. Therefore, in this privacy policy, we have described our processing of your personal data and the rights you have. Our policy applies regardless of whether you come in contact with us as a support member, monthly giver, single-time giver or otherwise. All processing of personal data is in accordance with the new Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR), which took effect in the EU on 25 May 2018.

What is personal data?
Personal Data is any information that may derive from an identified or identifiable natural person. Information such as mobile number, personal number, voice recording, photograph or IP address constitute personal data.

What is processing of personal data?
Processing of personal data is everything that happens to the data, this means any action taken, such as collecting, registration, reading, storing, modifying or removal.

What personal data do we collect?
We may collect the following personal data: Name, address, e-mail address, phone number, personal number and username. The personal data is collected in connection with registering as a support member, registering as a monthly donor or when you give a single gift through our different channels or when you contact us by phone, email or regular mail.

On what foundation do we process your personal data?
We treat your personal data in accordance with applicable law. For the processing of personal data we base it on contract, legal obligation or legitimate interest.

Contract as a legal basis we use for example in order for gifts to go through. Your gift involves a form of agreement with us. If you are a monthly donor via direct debit, the agreement will continue until you end it and your personal data will be saved during the term of the agreement.

Legal obligation we use as a legal basis when there are legal requirements that we must save your personal data. This applies, for example, when the Accounting Act requires it.

A legitimate interest is a legal basis based on balancing the interest of the association to process your personal data and your interest to protect your personal data.

What do we do with your personal data?
We essentially use your personal data for the purposes stated below:
-In order to register support membership and monthly grant.
-In order to receive and register gifts.
-To enable good service, such as handling requests, changing addresses or correcting incorrect data.
-In order to communicate with you via email, text message, regular mail or telephone.
-In order to send newsletters, newspapers and other information via email or regular mail.
-To administrate systems and generate statistics on donor-based aggregation (ie. without identifying donors as individuals).

How long do we save your personal information?
Treatment is in accordance with current legislation, which means that we do not save personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose of the treatment.

In case of a contract the data is saved until the terms of the agreement expire. By legal obligation the data is retained for as long as the legal obligation applies, for example, accounting records are stored for 7 years. When we use legitimate interest as a legal basis, your data is stored up to 36 months after the last gift is given. This is done in accordance with the recommendations of the NGOs.

To whom do we provide your personal data?
We give personal data to companies such as printing officies and and suppliers who process data on our behalf in order to send e-mails and post from us . We store personal data on secure servers from a supplier in Sweden. If you give a gift via the direct debit, we register your details at the bank giro.

How do we use cookies?
A cookie is a small data file stored in your computer and it is a very common tool on the internet. The cookie statistics never contain personal information and can never be linked to your identity. We use cookies and other similar techniques to customize the user experience and see visitor statistics. It is also used to develop and improve our website. The web analytic tool Google Analytics is used on our site and cookies record information on a collective level about how visitors use the site. The information includes, for example, pageviews, where visitors come from and number of visits to improve the site and provide a good user experience.

What rights do you have?
You may request access to your personal data, get incorrect personal data corrected or be removed from our register, unless the data is stored for legal reasons.

If you want to make any changes to your personal data or have a complaint about how your personal data is processed please contact us.
Tel: 018-12 93 00
Letter: Människovärde, Axel Johanssons gata 6, 754 50 Uppsala

This policy applies from May 25, 2018.

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